Concentrated on the essentials

The Leica M-E is a modern camera that works like a classic, so mastering the essentials of this piece comes quickly and naturally. You may focus manually - using the rangefinder and focusing ring of the lens - or select automatically determined or manually set shutter speeds.

Uncompromising image quality

The 18-megapixel high-resolution CCD sensor in full 35 mm format is a perfect fit in the M-System. The micro lens layout makes it tolerant of oblique light rays impinging on the surface and guarantees uniform exposure and extreme sharpness. The omission of the low-pass filter reduces the need for digital post-processing and offers a particularly natural visual impact.

Classic M design

The essence of the M-System is reflected in the functional design which lends clarity and an absolute timeless to the camera’s character. The top and base plates are discreetly finished in anthracite-grey paint and the leather trim offers superior grip. The quiet sound signature of its shutter release shows our attention to the finest of details.

Quiet, discreet, compact

The M-System proudly claims discretion and unobtrusiveness as particular strengths, perfectly showcased by Leica M-E’s inconspicuous shutter action. Additionally, the combination of camera and lens offers a more compact system than any other full-format camera, allowing M-Photographers to almost blend into the scenery to capture life’s most precious, fleeting moments.

With Adobe Lightroom Software

Body only - without lens!


QAR 19,490.00
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